Ultrasound Technician Job Outlook and Trends with Data

The ultrasound technician job outlook in 2015 is bright. Between 2010 and 2020, the number of sonography jobs is expected to increase by 44 percent nationally. By comparison, total growth by 2020 for all job sectors in the U.S. is expected to be 14 percent according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Sonography also surpasses other related healthcare fields by 18 percent anticipated job growth as a result of its increasing popularity as a low-risk, non-invasive and powerful diagnostic tool.

As the large population of baby boomers continues to age and requires more medical care, sonography, both mobile and institution-based, is uniquely positioned to play a significant role in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions. While hospitals still provide approximately 62 percent of ultrasound jobs, growth is expected to increase in outpatient facilities in 2015 as ultrasound equipment continues to become more mobile and less expensive to acquire and operate. For those interested in Canadian opportunities, Statistics Canada likewise indicates good job prospects in this field. | See Job Openings

Ultrasound Technician Employment by Industry in 2014

With ultrasound technician employment in excess of 36,010 jobs, however, hospitals will continue to be the dominant provider of sonography employment opportunities in the near future. This is followed by ambulatory health care services whose current ultrasound technician population is nearing 23,000. Smaller numbers are employed in industries ranging from educational services with 760 sonographer jobs to administrative and support services with 330. Employment in company management, enterprises, government and some professional, scientific and technical services is estimated at less than 5100 total. Whether large or small, all industries for which data is available saw growth in sonography employment between 2011 and 2014 although the rate of growth varies.

Table of Employment by Industry

Ambulatory Health
Care Services
19690Combined with hospital data2178022770
in General
Professional, Scientific,
and Technical Services
no datano datano data40
Management of Companies
and Enterprises
Administrative and
Support Services
Educational Services including
universities, colleges and schools
Federal, State, and Local
Government (OES Designation)
40no datano data4990


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Sonography Technician Employment by Location in 2014

Location will continue to be a significant variable in terms of career opportunities for sonographers in future.

States in high demand of an ultrasound technician include:

New York leads the way with total estimated employment in sonographer jobs of 4,860 in 2014. California is next with 4,720 sonography positions while Florida and Texas each employ between 4700 and 4350 ultrasound technicians. The next highest state, Ohio, has 2,550 comparable jobs. At the other end of the spectrum, Wyoming has 60 sonographers, and Alaska has 80 sonographers, Vermont, North Dakota and Delaware each employ fewer than 170. | See Job Openings

Areas in and around New York City including parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well as Long Island, White Plains and Wayne, NY, had by far the highest employment of any metropolitan area with a combined total of 6930 currently employed in sonography. For the Los Angeles area including Long Beach and Santa Ana, CA, the comparable figure is 1,550 followed by the Chicago, Joliet and Naperville area at 1,540. The lowest number of sonographer jobs is in non-metropolitan areas of Central Texas and Northwest Alabama, as well as Lawton OK, Elmira NY, and Prescott AZ.

Table of the Highest and Lowest Employment Regions in 2014

Best StateWorst StateBest
4860 employed sonographers in New York60 employed sonographers in Wyoming4490 employed sonographers in
New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island NY-NJ-PA
30 employed sonographers in
Central Texas nonmetropolitan area
4720 employed sonographers in California80 employed sonographers in Alaska2440 employed sonographers in
New York-White Plains-Wayne NY-NJ Metropolitan Division
30 employed sonographers
in Northwest Alabama nonmetropolitan area
4700 employed sonographers in Florida90 employed sonographers in Vermont1550 employed sonographers in
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana CA
30 employed sonographers in
Lawton OK
4350 employed sonographers in Texas140 employed sonographers in North Dakota1540 employed sonographers in
Chicago-Joliet-Naperville IL-IN-WI
30 employed sonographers in
Elmira NY
2550 employed sonographers in Ohio160 employed sonographers in Delaware1530 employed sonographers in
Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach FL
30 employed sonographers in
Prescott AZ

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