Ultrasound Technician Education: Steps to Become an Ultrasound Technician and Locate a School Near You

You will benefit from this extensive section on ultrasound technician education, which includes admission requirements, the various choices of ultrasound technician schools and programs offered, their expected costs, and necessary coursework, skills and training. The section continues with available financial aid for which students may be eligible, and ultrasound certification and licensure. This section then concludes with continuing education requirements for those already working as sonographers.

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Planning Ahead Before Taking Ultrasound Tech Courses

Once a student decides to take ultrasound tech courses it is time to plan ahead. CAAHEP accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography programs require intense focus and a major time commitment. The most successful students plan for success long before the program even starts. Before the First Ultrasound Tech Class It is exciting to be admitted to a sonography program whether it is a certificate … [Read more...]

Risky to Attend Non-Accredited Ultrasonography Programs?

Every decision has consequences, and that includes the decision to attend one of the ultrasonography programs that is not accredited by the CAAHEP. The reasons for making this decision may seem valid at the time, but the decision comes with training and career risks. It is important to understand that schools that offer sonography programs will always present their programs in the best light in … [Read more...]

15 Things New Sonography Students Should Remember

When people start school they want to fit in from day one, and Diagnostic Medical Sonography students are no different. When the time comes to start the ultrasound program there is an air of excitement. It can be a bit overwhelming at first because an ultrasound technology program is immersive, meaning it requires sonography students to devote most of their time and attention to the program from … [Read more...]

Attend Non-Accredited Sonography Programs Slows Career Start

Graduating from a CAAHEP accredited ultrasound program can jumpstart a sonography career. Avoid the temptation to attend a non-accredited program. There is plenty of sonography program information on the internet. So much so that it is easy to get lured into programs offering inexpensive tuition and great career opportunities. However, students interested in sonography programs, but unfamiliar … [Read more...]

Understand Ultrasound Tech Programs Two-Step Admission Process

Selecting an ultrasound technician college or university for attendance is the end result of significant research, yet it is only a first step. The hopeful sonography students must maneuver through the application process that can be confusing. Before entering ultrasound tech programs, the students have to get into the schools first and then get admitted to the appropriate programs. The two-step … [Read more...]

Find the Inner Sonography Student Learner (with Resources)

Students choosing to become Diagnostic Medical Sonographers have decided they want to help people who have a range of medical conditions. To do a good job it is important to learn how to care for people and not just assist with the diagnosis of diseases or physical problems. While in school, students develop core beliefs. Making the most of the time spent in the ultrasound program is important and … [Read more...]

Taking the Anxiety Out of Clinical Sonography Training

Most Diagnostic Medical Sonography students attending one of the CAAHEP accredited programs will need to complete clinical sonography training, depending on the degree or diploma sought. For many of the students it will be the first time they have worked with real patients. That can create anxiety which is a natural reaction. There are ways to alleviate the anxiety by developing a professional … [Read more...]

Keep Technology in Perspective as a Sonography Student

Becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographers requires studying subjects ranging from sonography principles to physics and developing student technology skills. A major component of sonography work involves using high-tech instrumentation and other computerized equipment and software. The CAAHEP accredited ultrasound technician programs are intense because there is much to learn and many clinical … [Read more...]

Older Students Welcomed as Sonography Students

People of all ages are pursuing degrees in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Students over 25 years old may already have a degree in an Allied Health program and want to supplement their professional credentials. Sometimes people decide to pursue a career later in life for personal reasons. As the population ages, the percentage of mature students attending higher education facilities is growing. … [Read more...]

Tips: Managing a Sonography Program with Gracefulness

One of the interesting facts about starting a sonography program to become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is that mixed emotions are often evoked. There is the excitement of finally starting the program and the recognition that this is a major step towards developing a great career as a health professional. At the same time there is concern as to the best way to emotionally and physically manage … [Read more...]