Ultrasound Technician Education: Steps to Become an Ultrasound Technician and Locate a School Near You

You will benefit from this extensive section on ultrasound technician education, which includes admission requirements, the various choices of ultrasound technician schools and programs offered, their expected costs, and necessary coursework, skills and training. The section continues with available financial aid for which students may be eligible, and ultrasound certification and licensure. This section then concludes with continuing education requirements for those already working as sonographers.

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Paying for Sonography School is Easier Than Imagined

Checking out the CAAHEP accredited ultrasound programs reveals a large variation in the total costs for tuition and fees. In addition, each school has mandatory and non-mandatory fees for things like parking, health insurance, laboratory classes and others. Sonography students also pay for textbooks, uniforms and immunizations. Figuring out how to pay for everything can be overwhelming so it is … [Read more...]

Sonographer Training: Financial Aid Begins with FAFSA

FAFSA eligibility for sonography training students

Students interested in taking sonographer training accredited by CAAHEP often need help paying for tuition, fees and books. There are many different types of financial aid, including federal and state grants, government backed loans, scholarships administered by the school’s financial aid office, tuition waivers and others. When beginning the search for funding through the financial aid office, … [Read more...]

High School Preparation for Entering an Ultrasound Program

Prepare for entering an ultrasound program

Sometimes a high school student decides a future career as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is the right choice. When that is the case, preparing for admission to a CAAHEP accredited ultrasound program can start while the student is still in high school. Taking classes like math, science and English creates a strong foundation for success in an ultrasound technology program in several … [Read more...]

Develop Spatial Ability in Sonography Training

Sonography Training and Spatial Ability

Choosing to become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is a good decision for people who want to work closely with people in various healthcare settings but are not interested in nursing or radiology. During the career selection process, it is important to thoroughly research typical job requirements. It is just as important to understand the ideal personal abilities needed to do a good job. They … [Read more...]

Qualities of a Successful Sonography Student

Qualities of a Successful Sonography Student

One of the first steps people take before deciding on a career is reviewing educational and professional requirements, average salaries and employment opportunities. However, it is just as important to consider the ideal personal qualities that increase the chances of success while attending school and working. A Diagnostic Medical Sonography student who has the right personality qualities, and … [Read more...]

Advice for Sonography Students

Advising Sonography Students

One of the attractions of Diagnostic Medical Sonography is that sonography students can start a healthcare career with an associate degree that only takes two years to earn. However, it is important to consider more than training time before settling on sonography as a career choice. Doing research on all aspects of the training and job is important to ensuring no false assumptions are made. One … [Read more...]

8 Tips to Ace Your Sonography School Interview

How to Manage an Entrance Interview for an Accredited Sonography Program

Most of the CAAHEP accredited sonography schools have limited class sizes and only accept a small number of new enrollees for each program year. This makes the process very competitive. A major step in the application process is the interview with the faculty in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. This is a step that gives potential students an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and … [Read more...]

Access Ultrasound School Learning Environment

access ultrasound school learning environment

The process of choosing an ultrasound school that leads to a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography is first simplified by limiting the selection to those accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). The accreditation means the CAAHEP has completed an assessment of the quality of the program content and how well the program adequately prepares the … [Read more...]

Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools 2014

Schools Directory

The interactive chart below includes more than 200 local universities, colleges and schools in the United States, which offer over 427 CAAHEP accredited diagnostic medical sonography programs and ARRT recognized diagnostic medical sonography programs as of 2014. There are a few schools offering accredited online ultrasound technician programs for students who prefer distance education. The … [Read more...]

Step 1: Major Sonography Education Requirements

Educational Requirements for Ultrasound Education

Although specific sonography education prerequisites can vary from program to program, the following are general education requirements prospective students will be expected to fulfill before applying to take ultrasound technician programs. One-Year or Two-Year Program Applicants to one-year certificate programs should have prior qualifications in an allied health profession that is clinically … [Read more...]