Ultrasound Technician Education: Steps to Become an Ultrasound Technician and Locate a School Near You

You will benefit from this extensive section on ultrasound technician education, which includes admission requirements, the various choices of ultrasound technician schools and programs offered, their expected costs, and necessary coursework, skills and training. The section continues with available financial aid for which students may be eligible, and ultrasound certification and licensure. This section then concludes with continuing education requirements for those already working as sonographers.

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Benefits of Joining Sonography Organizations

As the world gets more complex and competitive, it is important to take advantage of all the help available. For sonographers that includes joining professional organizations dedicated to the field of ultrasound. There are many reasons to join and actively participate in the associations as a sonography student or a working sonographer, including networking opportunities, and access to up-to-date … [Read more...]

Attending the Sonography Information Session

Once a person decides to become a sonographer, there will be a host of questions. How long does it take to become a sonographer? What are the program requirements as of 2015? What is the average salary a sonographer is paid? Since there are so many questions, the CAAHEP accredited ultrasound technician programs offer student information sessions. Most programs require mandatory attendance before … [Read more...]

Ways to Search Online Information on Sonography Schools

Developing a plan for researching accredited sonography schools in 2015 will make the process much more productive. There are two approaches that can be blended together. First, make best use of our website. It has been carefully designed to present all the information potential Diagnostic Medical Sonography students need to understand how to choose a sonography program and the career. Once the … [Read more...]

Maintaining Self-Confidence in Sonography School

Self-confidence is a quality that ultrasound technology students should possess in order to do well in sonography school. College in 2015 can be overwhelming at times, and it is easy to develop self-doubts in abilities. This is especially true if an assignment gets a poor grade or course material proves difficult to master. There are several ways to improve self-confidence, and it is an effort … [Read more...]

Over 25? Tips for Adjusting to Sonography Programs

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 36-40 percent of students enrolled in an institution of higher education is 25 years old or older. The non-traditional student is a growing student body. The 25 and over group in 2015 is making it clear that age will not stop them from pursuing a new career. Some of these students will choose to attend accredited diagnostic … [Read more...]

Visiting a Sonography School: What to Look For

Most students in the process of reviewing local schools that offer ultrasound technician programs will eventually decide to visit one or more of the campuses. Planning ahead for the visit will ensure each student makes the most of the time spent on campus, getting information important to the final selection. Sonography students will consider general factors such as the campus setting, the range … [Read more...]

Tips for Adjusting to Sonography School

Lorain County Community College in Ohio offers a CAAHEP accredited sonography program leading to an Associate Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Like most sonography schools in 2015, the program staff prepared a letter for prospective students to summarize the personal characteristics of a successful ultrasound technician. They are the same qualifies of successful college students. … [Read more...]

On the Move: Commuting Sonography Students

Every day, sonography students commute to college campuses to pursue their educational goals. It is estimated that 75 percent of students attending a college or university in 2015 do not live on campus, and included in the group are the sonography students. Commuter students are faced with a number of challenges, including how to make the most of the time spent traveling to-and-from campus. It … [Read more...]

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The interactive chart below includes more than 215 local universities, colleges and schools in the United States, which offer over CAAHEP accredited diagnostic medical sonography programs and ARRT recognized diagnostic medical sonography programs as of 2015. There are a few schools offering accredited online ultrasound technician programs for students who prefer distance education. The programs … [Read more...]