Ultrasound Technician Education: Steps to Become an Ultrasound Technician and Locate a School Near You

You will benefit from this extensive section on ultrasound technician education, which includes admission requirements, the various choices of ultrasound technician schools and programs offered, their expected costs, and necessary coursework, skills and training. The section continues with available financial aid for which students may be eligible, and ultrasound certification and licensure. This section then concludes with continuing education requirements for those already working as sonographers.

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Sonography Programs: Tech Schools vs. Universities

Are sonography trade school degrees as respected as sonography degrees from universities? Many factors come into play when applying for a Diagnostic Medical Sonography position in 2015. They include the type of sonography degrees held in the job applicant pool, employer minimum job requirements, and many others. However, the bottom line is this: Schools for ultrasound tech being considered should … [Read more...]

Sonography Student & Positive Patient Communication Skills

All 2015 CAAHEP accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonographers programs require communication course credits as prerequisites or general education requirements. The reason is simple: They must deal with patients in various physical and emotional states. Sonographers must always maintain composure and utilize positive communication skills, even when patients are irritable, impatient, angry or … [Read more...]

Time to Go Back to Sonography School

Diagnostic Medical Sonography schools are open to anyone who qualifies, and that includes people who have already have a degree or professional registration in a healthcare discipline. Sometimes it makes sense to go back to school to earn an additional degree or certificate in order to increase employment or career options. Professional who already have a healthcare-related degree or professional … [Read more...]

Reasons Registered Sonographers Top Hiring Lists

Read sonographer job descriptions in 2015, and two things stand out. First, the candidate must be a graduate of an accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. Second, the job candidate must be an ARDMS registered sonographer. Without these credentials the applicant will fall out of consideration for a job because they indicate quality training and skills development. Other reasons employers … [Read more...]

Is Sonography School REALLY That Difficult?

Is sonography school really as difficult as some think? That is one of the most popular 2015 forum questions because people do not want to start a program they might not finish. The truth is that accredited sonography schools set high standards that must be met, but each year thousands of students successfully finish their programs. Anyone interested in sonography, but filled with doubt, should … [Read more...]

Diverse Sonography Student Body Matters

The U.S. population is becoming more diverse each day with important implications for the delivery of quality health care services to diverse patients. It is clear that healthcare professions, including Diagnostic Medical Sonography, should reflect the makeup of the patients they serve for many reasons. The only way that will happen is if a more diverse sonography student body is developed, … [Read more...]

Sonography Students Learn to Use Five Senses

The descriptions of the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer’s typical duties make liberal use of action words. Sonographers observe, prepare, communicate, write, coordinate and so on. The action words indicate that ultrasound technicians fully utilize all five senses – sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste - in order to deliver quality healthcare services. Understanding the role of the senses helps … [Read more...]

Importance of Concentration to Sonography Students

An important characteristic every sonography student needs is the ability to focus for long periods of time. It is one of the skills successful sonography students master while completing a 2015 CAAHEP accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. Staying focused for eight hours at a time is not easy, but research indicates it is a skill that can be developed. The first step is understanding … [Read more...]

Improving the Odds of Getting into Sonography Programs

The 2015 Diagnostic Medical Sonography programs have competitive admission processes. This puts the onus on students to carefully read and closely follow the program requirements for submitting complete and timely applications. There are many ways to improve ranking on the list of eligible admits, including following recommendations for non-compulsory requirements and maximizing possible points … [Read more...]

Sonography Program Full? Consider the Options!

People hoping to enroll in one of the ultrasonography programs are often competing with a large group of applicants. Most accredited sonography programs in 2015 only accept a small number of students, increasing the competition for acceptance. Students should not be discouraged when unable to get into a particular training program or must wait a year for the next enrollment period. There are … [Read more...]