Ultrasound Technician Education: Steps to Become and Locate a School Near You

You will benefit from this extensive section on ultrasound technician education, which includes admission requirements, the various choices of ultrasound technician schools and programs offered, their expected costs, and necessary coursework, skills and training. The section continues with available financial aid for which students may be eligible, and ultrasound certification and licensure. This section then concludes with continuing education requirements for those already working as sonographers.

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A List of Schools Offering Accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs

Schools Directory

The interactive chart below includes more than 200 local universities, colleges and schools in the United States, which offer over 427 CAAHEP accredited diagnostic medical sonography programs and ARRT recognized diagnostic medical sonography programs. There are a few schools offering accredited online ultrasound tech programs for students who prefer distance … [Read more...]

Step 1: Major Sonography Education Requirements

Educational Requirements for Ultrasound Education

Although specific sonography education prerequisites can vary from program to program, the following are general education requirements prospective students will be expected to fulfill before applying to take ultrasound technician programs. One-Year or Two-Year Program Applicants to one-year certificate programs should have prior qualifications in an allied health … [Read more...]

Step 2: Choose Your Ultrasound Schools

Choose Ultrasound Technician Schools

Here are some tips for you to take when choosing your ultrasound school. Accredited and Non-Accredited Ultrasound Tech Schools While students may be interested in a particular school because of a convenient geographic location, flexible scheduling, online course offerings, or other practical considerations, they should also consider the quality and reputation of the … [Read more...]

Step 3: Choose Your Training Programs

Step 3 - Choose Your Best Ultrasound Program

How to choose your ultrasound technician programs? There are many factors that you should consider including length and scope of an ultrasound program and cost ranges for programs. Length and Scope of Ultrasound Technician Programs There are three types of diagnostic medical sonography programs, including certificate programs, associate degrees and bachelor … [Read more...]

Step 4: Ultrasound Technician Courses – What to Learn in a Sonography Program?

Core Ultrasound Technician Courses

Professional organizations and experts in sonography and related fields have formed a consensus on what should be included in sonography education and training. Published as the National Education Curriculum for Sonography, this course list comprises four areas: general education, health-related education, ultrasound technician courses and specialty ultrasound … [Read more...]

Step 5: Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid

While financial assistance options for a sonography degree can seem confusing and even overwhelming, most fall into one of these categories: grants, loans, and scholarships; student employment; or veterans benefits. Sources of financial help include the federal government, state programs, private and nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions themselves. … [Read more...]

Step 6: Ultrasound Technician Certification – Becoming a Certified Sonographer

Upon successfully completing an accredited sonography program of study, a student can become a certified sonographer and receive a ultrasound tech certificate by passing exams administered by certifying organizations. Ultrasound Technician Certification Through ARDMS The largest of these ultrasound technician certification entities is the American Registry for … [Read more...]

Step 7: Continuing Medical Education – Free Ultrasound CME

Ultrasound CME

For a certified ultrasound technician, the path to a sonography career will certainly require periodic continuing medical education, referred to as ultrasound CME, in order to maintain certifications in good standing. ARDMS credentials require a minimum of 30 ultrasound CME credits from approved sponsors within each three-year certification period. Free Ultrasound … [Read more...]

Step 8: State Licensure for Certified Ultrasound Technicians

Professional organizations take on voluntary responsibility for certifying and registering ultrasound technicians who have earned credentials that include completing a degree and passing a competency exam. In addition to this layer of quality assurance, some states including Oregon, New Mexico, West Virginia and New Jersey have decided to license sonographers. State … [Read more...]