Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools in Kentucky

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The Bluegrass State of Kentucky is filled with rolling hills, the Appalachian Mountains and green horse-grazing fields. The things to do in this beautiful state are diverse and range from visiting Mammoth Cave National Park to touring the magnificent Henry Clay estate named Ashland. There are numerous Civil War trails everywhere you go, and everyone should visit the Kentucky Horse Park. Kentucky has been concentrating on expanding its health care programs to the rural areas, creating a shortage of healthcare workers in all categories and increasing opportunities for alternative sonography delivery services.

Sonography Training Programs in Kentucky in 2015

There are seven accredited ultrasound technician schools in Kentucky in 2015. Five are community and technical colleges offered in diverse locations around the state. One is a university in Morehead, KY, and one is a college. The schools offer either an Associate degree, diploma, or Baccalaureate degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Though many students will choose a general concentration, they also have the option of specializing in vascular sonography or cardiac sonography. The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) found that sonographers who have multiple credentials are more marketable. After training completion, sonographers should take the credentialing ARDMS ultrasound technician exams. ARDMS reports that 21 percent of its registrants have two credentials, and 4 percent have three credentials.


Salaries and Career Outlook for Sonographers in Kentucky

There were 870 Diagnostic Medical Sonographers working in Kentucky in 2014, but the number of jobs in ultrasound technology are expected to increase in 2015 and beyond. In fact, it is projected that approximately 30 annual openings in the Diagnostic Medical Technology field will become available between now and 2020. Louisville has the highest percentage of positions per capita, which is not surprising since it is Kentucky’s biggest city. The average salary for sonographers in Kentucky is not very high. In 2014, the average salary of $58,010 is low compared to many other states, and much lower than the national average wage of $68,390.

Best Schools for Diagnostic Medical Sonography Study in Kentucky

ultrasound technician schools in Kentucky

West Kentucky Community and Technical College

Address: 4810 Alben Barkley Drive, P.O. Box 7380
Zip: 42001
City: Paducah
Contact Person: Alice Robertson
Contact Email: send mail
Contact Phone: (270) 534-3487
Program: Associate Degree in General Sonography, Associate Degree in Vascular Sonography
Program Length: 4 Semesters (69-76 credits including prerequisites, general education and DMS courses)
Application Deadline: March 1
Program Start Date: Fall Semester for sonography curriculum
What to Learn: Sonography I and II, Ultrasonic Physics and Instrumentation, Online Physics Review, Online OB/GYN Review, Online Abdomen Review, Vascular Technology, Clinical Education
Clinical Sites: Kentucky Sites in: Paducah, Murray, Mayfield, Marshall County, Fulton Country, Princeton, Madisonville, Hopkinsville; Additional sites in Tennessee, Illinois, and Missouri
Estimated Tuition, Fees and Costs: $147 per credit for In-State Students plus a Mandatory Fee of $4 per credit; Additional fees and expenses applicable for labs, uniforms, health insurance and so on
Financial Aid Opportunity: Variety of Scholarships including the KCTCS Commonwealth Scholarship, the Presidential Scholarship, the Beiderwell I Scholarship and others; Federal Grants (Pell Grant and FSEOG); Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship; College Access Program Grant
Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited and ARRT Recognized

Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College – Bowling Green

Address: 1845 Loop Drive
Zip: 42101
City: Bowling Green
Contact Person: Angie Mullins
Contact Email: send mail
Contact Phone: (270) 901-1082
Program: Diploma in Sonography
Application Deadline: March 1 of each year
Program Start Date: Contact Program Director for Additional Information
What to Learn: Abdominal Sonography, Sonography Physics & Instrumentation, OB/GYN Sonography,
Clinical Sites: Not applicable to Diploma Program
Estimated Tuition, Fees and Costs: Tuition – $432, Books – $100
Financial Aid Opportunity: scholarships that include the KCTCS Presidential Scholarship, John T. Smith Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship, and others; Federal Loans and Grants; VA Benefits
Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited and ARRT Recognized

Jefferson Community and Technical College-Louisville

Address: 109 East Broadway
Zip: 40202
City: Louisville
Contact Person: Becky Stevens
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: (502) 213-4502
Program: Associate Degree in Sonography, Associate Degree in Vascular Sonography
Program Length: 2-Year Program (62-67 Credit Hours of which 39-42 are Sonography Curriculum)
Application Deadline: May 15 each year
Program Start Date: Fall Semester Start Date (Next class admitted in 2015-2016 academic year)
What to Learn: OB/GYN Sonography, Abdominal Sonography, Vascular Sonography, Online Physics Review, Sonography Physics and Instrumentation, Clinical
Clinical Sites: Contact Academic Program Coordinator for information
Estimated Tuition, Fees and Costs: Per Credit Hour Tuition – $144, Textbooks – $800, Uniforms – $150, Miscellaneous Expenses – $165, Liability Insurance per Semester – $11
Financial Aid Opportunity: All Types of Federal Aid is Available, Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship Award, Academic Competitiveness Grant, College Access Program
Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited and ARRT Recognized

Morehead State University

Address: 150 University Blvd, Reed Hall 434
Zip: 40351
City: Morehead
Contact Person: Wretha G. Goodpaster
Contact Email: send mail
Contact Phone: (606) 783-2647
Program: Bachelor Degree in Sonography
Program Length: 13 Months for Sonography Curriculum Component (42 Credit Hours)
Application Deadline: First Monday in April
Program Start Date: Second Summer Session of each academic year
What to Learn: (DMS Program may includes radiography component) Radiographic Anatomy, Positioning and Imaging, Patient Care, Radiographic Equipment and Imaging, Introduction to Sonography, Scanning Techniques, Obstetrical Sonography, Genitourinary Sonography, Sonographic Physics and Instrumentation, Sonographic Sectional Anatomy, Sonography Internship
Clinical Sites: 23 Kentucky sites located around the state
Estimated Tuition, Fees and Costs: Tuition and Fees – $3,933 per academic year, additional expenses for items like uniforms and textbooks will be incurred
Financial Aid Opportunity: Imaging Sciences Scholarships include the Barbara Dehner Scholarship, the Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship, the C. Louise Caudill Scholarship for Women, the Jackie Darling Memorial Scholarship, the Robert and Helen Holbrook Memorial Scholarship and the Warren and Winifred Proudfoot Scholarship; State and Federal Student Aid Available
Accreditation: CAAHEP

St. Catharine College

Address: 2735 Bardstown Rd
Zip: 40061
City: St. Catharine
Contact Person: Saretta Craft
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: (859) 336-5082 ext 1332
Program: Associate Degree in Sonography, Associate Degree in Cardiac Sonography, Associate Degree in Vascular Sonography
Program Length: 5 Semesters (71 Credit Hours for General and Cardiac Sonography Track; 70 Credit Hours for Vascular Sonography Track)
Application Deadline: March 1
Program Start Date: Every August
What to Learn: Intro to OB/GYN Sonography, Cardiac Techniques, Vascular Techniques, Pelvic Sonography, Heart Disease, Intro to Abdominal Sonography, Abdominal and Visceral Vascular, Clinical Education
Clinical Sites: All sites are in regional hospitals and clinics
Estimated Tuition, Fees and Costs: $21,348 cost per academic year for Tuition; $50 Activity Fee per semester for 12 hours of enrollment; Other expenses incurred by student for Textbooks, Uniforms, and Miscellaneous Fees
Financial Aid Opportunity: Kentucky Tuition Grant, FSEOG, College Access Program, Federal Pell Grant, Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship, Federal Loan Programs
Accreditation: CAAHEP

Hazard Community and Technical College-Hazard

Address: One Community College Drive
Zip: 41701
City: Hazard
Contact Person: Becky Stevens
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: (502) 213-4502
Program: Associate Degrees in General and Vascular Sonography
Program Length: 69-76 Credit Hours for general education requirements and DMS program requirements (2 years)
Application Deadline: March 1
Program Start Date: Fall semester
What to Learn: Sonography, Online Abdomen Review and/or Online OB/GYN Reviews, Vascular Technology, Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation
Clinical Sites: Several health care facilities are clinical affiliates (contact program staff for more information about ultrasound clinical training)
Estimated Tuition, Fees and Costs: Tuition – $147 per credit hour plus student must pay for uniforms, textbooks, course and lab fees and miscellaneous fees; Mandatory Student Fee – $4 per credit hour
Financial Aid Opportunity: Eli C. Boggs Scholarship, Georg F. Green Family Scholarship and many more scholarships are available to students admitted to Allied Health programs; College Assistance Program (CAP); Federal Loans and Grants; U.S. Military Veterans Institutional Scholarship Programs
Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited and ARRT Recognized

Owensboro Community and Technical College

City: Owensboro
Contact Person: Leighann Peabody-Decker
Contact Phone: (270) 852-8970
Accreditation: ARRT Recognized

  • Blake Merryman

    as of 11/6/14, Hazard Community and Technical college has suspended their diagnostic medical sonography program due to the teacher leaving to a different position.

    • Lisa Parmley

      Hello Blake, thank you for information. We have contacted the school for it.